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PA DEP Protection NW Regional Director Kelly Burch: “Seneca Landfill (Vogel Holdings) has been lax in following the environmental regulations that direct how municipal landfills are required to operate (2010).”
Tri-County Landfill Opposition

CEASRA’s longest running endeavor continues to be the opposition to the proposed Tri-County Landfill (TCL) in Mercer County. Tri-County Landfill, and Vogel Holdings, has been permitted a new landfill in Pine and Liberty Townships." TCL has a been granted a new landfill permit and we are vigorously opposing the Waste Permit and the NPDES permit based upon their documented record of landfill and solid waste violations and economic and environmental harm to our community. We have appealed to the Environmental Hearing Board for both permits; the Waste permit is awaiting a ruling in late 2023 while the NPDES hearing is scheduled for 2024. Keep in mind, Vogel’s violations included Vogel Holdings, Inc. having to pay $682,500 in penalties (originally 1.2 million).  DEP NW Regional Director John Guth said “The penalty reflects the seriousness of the violations committed by the Vogel companies.”  Some of these violations included transporting illegal gas well wastes , exceeding daily volume limits, failing to control odors and erosion, and leaking garbage trucks.

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