10 Reasons to Fight the Landfill

Why is this such a big deal?

1. Tri-County has been turned down 4 times for a permit to build a landfill. This is their 5th application.


2. The landfill will bring in over 4,000 tons of garbage daily.


3. More than 600+ truck trips will drive in and out of the landfill daily; that includes actual garbage 

    trucks, trucks carrying leachate as well as traffic for the transfer station and employees.


4. Tri-County does not have a comprehensive leachate management plan; currently their plan is to haul 

    all leachate off site until a facility can be built. 


5. Tri-County's application of proposed alternative daily covers includes: Stabilized Lead Contaminated

    Soil, Gas Drillng Residuals, Industrial Sludge, Slag, Fly Ash with Cement Kiln Dust, Fuel Contaminated

    Soil, Construction Demolition Waste, and Foundry Sand, among other materials. 


6. A contemporary Penn State study (2005) states that landfills decrease adjacent residential property

    values by 12.9%  on average. This impact diminishes with distance at a gradient of 5.9% per mile. The

    potential residential real estate value harm can exceed $13,000,000.


7. A mixture of construction demolition and household garbage generates deadly hydrogen sulfide


8. Hydrogen sulfide smells like rotten eggs and and stench will travel up to 3 miles. Vogel's Seneca

    facility was fined because they failed to implement odor and erosion and sedimentation control



9. Vogel’s violations included Vogel Holdings, Inc. having to pay $682,500 in penalties (originally 1.2

    million). DEP NW Regional Director John Guth said “The penalty reflects the seriousness of the

    violations committed by the Vogel companies.”  Some of these violations included transporting illegal

    gas well wastes , exceeding daily volume limits, failing to control odors and erosion, and leaking

    garbage trucks.


10. The landfill will be built less than 1.25 miles from Memorial Park and Premium Outlets; within 2 miles

    of this facility are Youth Soccer Fields, Grove City County Market, George Jr. Republic, as well as

    baseball and soccer fields.

What Are The Next Steps:

1. Attend the DEP meeting  on October 16th, 6 PM, at the Grove City High School. You are invited to

    speak at the hearing, and the DEP is relying on local residents to explain why or why not the land fill

    should be built. You need to register in advance if you plan to speak. Email your name, address,

    phone and topic to Tom Decker at the DEP office: thomadecke@pa.gov, 230 Chestnut Street,

    Meadville PA 16335. It's a good idea to give text or comments to the stenographer that night. There

    will be no answers to questions that night.  


2. Join CEASRA 


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4. Ask your local representatives what their stance is on the landfill expansion.


Questions? Ideas? Email us: ceasra@zoominternet.net

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